A massive global spying and data theft effort currently leaves citizens surfing the web at risk, with several Bitcoin domains and crypto currencies included in the mix, according to research by Awake Security.

The center of the problem, a web domain registration company called, CommuniGal Communication, or GalComm. „Of the 26,079 accessible domains registered through GalComm, 15,160 domains, or nearly 60 percent, are malicious or suspicious,“ Awake wrote in a June 18 blog post.

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A list of sites at risk
Although this nefarious movement uses various methods, each different from the other, including malware, such activity has gone unnoticed by popular security systems, thanks to various tactics, wrote Awake, publishing a link to the affected domains.

The long list shows a number of domains related to cryptocoin and Bitcoin, including: cryptolimited.org, cryptocoiners.net, cryptomoedas.info, bitcoincompass.info and bitcoinvestmentstrategy.info, as well as many other sites.

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The list even included: binanceref.info and binanceregister.info, although it is not known whether the two sites are related to the well-known exchange Binance.

Cointelegraph contacted Binance to see if the domains are associated, but received no response at the time of this publication. Updates will come as needed, while we wait for a response.

More browser mischief
Awake also reported over a hundred cases of problems related to the nefarious Google Chrome extensions affiliated with GalComm, in a span of just three months.

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„These extensions can take screenshots, read the clipboard, collect access tokens stored in cookies or parameters, capture user keystrokes (such as passwords), etc.“, Awake said in his publication.

Awake added:

„To date, there have been at least 32,962,951 downloads of these malicious extensions, and this only counts the extensions that were active in the Chrome Web Store as of May 2020“.

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